Payment details

    Payment details

    We accept  Bitcoin,western union,, bank transfer. If you make the order ,we send all information about payment details.Bitcoin is the fast,and most safety payment method. We recommend BTC.
    All necessary wire information or our Bitcoin receiving address is included with your order confirmation, which is sent to you automatically, right after you submit your order.

    The Fastest, Easiest and Safest way to make your payment

    Pay with Bitcoins !!








    The fastest way to get bitcoins is to find a Bitcoin Exchange or a Bitcoin ATM. Just take a look at the links bellow:

  Standard Exchanges Exchanges How to buy bitcoins with Bitcoin ATM


    To make things easier we will mention:,,,,

    Bitcoin ATM are located worldwide. You can check Coindesck’s Bitcoin ATM Map or browse Coinatmradar’s Bitcoin ATM by Countries for a near location.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: To secure your Bitcoin Exchange account from unauthorized access, please don’t forget to enable two-factor authentication and stay away from exchanges that don’t provide this feature.


    Below is a video tutorial prepared by Other exchanges will provide you a similar experience, meanwhile at LocalBitcoins you can buy bitcoins with cash, bank transfers, PayPal and other various payment methods.





    Bitcoin uses payment addresses for sending and receiving funds. At this point it’s really similar to PayPal, which uses an email address. A Bitcoin address looks like this:




    You don’t have to remember it or keep it safe, you can have an unlimited number of payments addresses for your wallet. Try to follow a simple rule: one payment, one address. Every time when you’ll hit the Receive button in your wallet, a new receiving address will be generated, or you’ll find there an option to generate them manually. The screenshots bellow will make the things easier.

    This is how it looks the desktop client MultiBit. Hit the Send/Request button before starting a transaction.


    The Request payment section will generate a receiving address for you. Copy it to clipboard and use it when you want to get your bitcoins. E.g. when you are transferring your funds from a Bitcoin exchange.

    For sending money just use the Send payment option. Insert the receiving address where you want to transfer the bitcoins hit the next button and you are done. As simple as that!


    NOTE: Online wallets or mobile applications might ask for your wallet password or two-factor authorization code if you are trying to send some bitcoins. If you have your Google Authenticator app enabled, just open it on your smartphone and insert the provided code. Else you can receive this code by SMS, Email, Phone call – it depends on your wallet’s settings.



    QR codes are here to simplify Bitcoin transactions. It’s extremely convenient if you are using a wallet on your mobile phone. Just open your wallet and scan that image in order to complete a payment. Else you can scan that image with a simple QR-scanner on your smartphone and you will be able to read the payment address and the BTC amount if it is specified, save it or send it to somebody else.





    Some desktop clients have the option to insert a QR-code when you are sending some funds. Just save the QR code image and insert. The Bitcoin client will read it and add the address automatically.

    Furthermore, you’ll find in your wallet a Show/Generate QR code for a payment address. Save that image and use it at your convenience when you need to receive some bitcoins.



    Long story short – all Bitcoin wallets provide a similar user’s experience. There is a SEND button to make payments and a RECEIVE one to get them. You’ll need a payment address and an amount to be transferred. An exchange is a good place to get some coins. The fees are ridiculous low and Bitcoin has a higher anonymity level than other online payment methods. It’s somewhere near to cash payments.

    You should always consider to check the Bitcoin official rates, though Exchanges usually have their own rate.

    STEP 1

    Create your Bitcoin Wallet
    More Details >>>

    STEP 2

    Install Bitcoin Wallet software on your PC or mobile device in order to start making payments.
    More Details >>>

    STEP 3

    By choosing to pay via Bitcoin, we assume that you already have Bitcoins in your Bitcoin Wallet.
    You can buy Bitcoins from either exchanges, or directly from other people selling them.

    STEP 4

    Make your order and select any payment method ( e.g. WU), but add a note, that you want to pay by Bitcoin.
    We will then send you the Bitcoin Address that you will need for transferring the Bitcoin payment to us.
    Complete the transaction that will appear in your Wallet.

    STEP 5

    Within an hour (on rare occasions within 3-12 hours) you will automatically receive
    the confirmation of your order payment in your account and by email.

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